Today is December 10, 2017 and I've come back to this piece to add the description of how this came to be…
This is one of my Daily Doodles for 2016 (from my IG: @JasmineLH).
I like this one because it represents me allowing myself to be loose with my artwork and also share that looseness with everyone! Usually, I'm so controlled and such a perfectionist that I'd hate to post something like this. But it resonated with so many people.
The thing is, at the time that I drew this (or doodled it), I wasn't thinking about "creating loose art," this was exactly how I was feeling. Tired. Exhausted. Overworked. But I'm not a quitter, so instead of giving up and not posting for the day, I just created a piece that represented exactly how I was feeling in that moment.
At the very bottom of the "To Do List" on the artwork, there's a little love note, reminding me to "Take care of yourself." Probably the most important task of all, but in reality, it truly was the last thing in my daily activities, and most times I was neglecting that very important task while trying to work and "make it" as an illustrator.
Starting my own business is tough, but I've gotten a lot better with taking care of myself and I've learned a lot in the last few years.

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